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from pioneer to trendsetter


Mid seventies of the last century Rigo Special Coatings - since 1938 based in IJmuiden - began developing and manufacturing waterborne polyurethane floor varnishes.


As a result of this pioneering in 1978 Rigo Parquet Varnish and Rigo Floor Varnish were introduced, the first water-based polyurethane floor coatings on the international market. Now, more than 30 years later, RigoStep continues to set the trend and to expand our knowledge of raw materials and formulation technology.


RigoStep puts the finishing of wood floors at the highest level of beauty, durability, durability and ease of maintenance.


A parquet or cork that protects well, but looks like plastic overshoots its mark. With RigoStep that is also something you don't have to worry about, because also in appearance RigoStep PU coatings are a class of their own.


A good example is SKYLT, a unique product that slightly whitens the surface and is just as matt as bare wood. A SKYLT finished surface looks like untreated, but is perfectly protected.


RigoStep Sport is a 1-component, self-crosslinking, fatty acid enriched polyurethane floor finish specially formulated for use on wood floors in gymnasiums, gyms, basketball courts, aerobics, fitness rooms  Afzelia - 1 x Kambala Primer + 2 x Duo Satin.  oak floor finished with 1 x SEAL + 2 x SKYLT. Oak wood floor 1 x COLORWASH Smoked Oak + 2 x SKYLT. 


In 1978 Rigo Parquet Varnish and Rigo Floor Varnish were the first

water-based polyurethane floor finishes on the international market.  


rigostep properties

the professional's choice  two steps ahead rigostep properties

RigoStep is formulated to obtain an optimum mix of properties .


general properties

rode stip  Waterborne polyurethane

rode stip  Non-combustible, safe

rode stip  No smell, virtually odorless

rode stip  No toxic or flammable solvents


application properties


rode stip  Easy application

rode stip  Perfect flow

rode stip  Quick drying

rode stip  Excellent adhesion

rode stip  Very good sandability


usability properties


rode stip  Beautiful, natural look (no "plastic" layer)

rode stip  Emphasizes the beauty of the substrate

rode stip  Non-yellowing

rode stip  Extremely durable and resistant

rode stip  Remarkebly low maintenance

rode stip  Very hygiĆ«nic

rode stip  Permanent elasticity

rode stip  No evaporation of hazardous substances

rode stip  Can easily be painted over, even after many years of use


RigoStep floor finish



RigoStep PU Wood Floor Finish is crystal clear and emphasizes the beauty of the wood.

You can choose between several gloss levels. 


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the professional's choice  two steps ahead rigostep properties


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